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Terms of Service

The Terms Of Service and Terms and Conditions for and any

affiliated social media outlet, event etc. are as follows­ By using any of our

websites, social media outlets, attending our events, or anything that has any

affiliation to SpiritCo, or Furgather you thereby swear that you have read,

understand and agree to follow these terms. :

1. Treat everyone of all ages, sexes,genders, abilities, disabilities, fandoms, sexual orientations, communities, subcultures, religions, etc with respect.

2. Absolutely no harassment of any kind will be tolerated and will earn you an immediate ban from the site, social media pages, events, etc.

3. No nudity, violence, threats, illegal activities, etc. may be discussed. This will also earn you an immediate ban.

4. Any images/ videos/ links etc. uploaded that break any of these rules will earn you an immediate ban from our site, social media pages, events, etc.

5. No fighting. This will not be tolerated on our website, social media pages, events, etc. A staff member will intervene if it becomes necessary. If the fight becomes continual or out of control, bans will be up to the discretion of a staff member or CEO. If it is a physical fight, Staff will immediately report it to the proper authorities.

6. Respect each other, but also respect staff. If you become belligerent, a constant problem, etc. you will be banned at the discretion of a staff member or


7. No asking, begging, pleading, crying, etc. for staff positions. Furgather is a Professional Team and we will not respond to any of this.

8. Some users may offer commission, If user pays for said commission Furgather expects the artist to deliver, We will vouch for any arrangements made though the public wall/pm /or/ IMing system, we will also ban anyone trying to take money and run, during the transaction both parties are expected to treat each other respectfully.

9. By using Furgather's website, Attending Furgather’s events, or joining us on our social media pages, you agree to these rules /or/ Terms of Service.

10. Any behavior deemed inappropriate or overly troublesome by a staff member or CEO will be intervened. We will message you in regards to the issue at hand, failure to comply with staff could earn you a suspension /or/ ban from our services.

11. If it becomes necessary, Furgather will assist or report to proper authorities.

12. Contact information or Contact forms are for Furgather official purposes only. The only exception to this rule would be for reports, contact from the authorities, personal contact between staff. Any other breach of this rule will be reported to authorities.

13. Content belongs to their respected owners, We do not retain any IP rights to anyone's uploaded content, We do accept DMCA take-down notices /or/ take down requests, FG stuff belongs to FG as well.

14. If any illegal activities are mentioned, photographed, recorded, or suspected, you will be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

15. Furgather is rated 14+, this means that there are 14 year olds using our site, joining us on social media outlets, and attending any events we may be attending or hosting. Conduct yourself in a legal and appropriate manner. If illegal or illicit activities are even suspected, you will be reported to the proper authorities as soon as Furgather is aware of the situation.

16. Furgather may or may not attend or host events: You are also hereby legally obligated to respect and follow their terms of service, terms and conditions, follow any and all laws, bills, legislation, rules, etc. that pertain to the location and respect the venue by helping us leave it as clean as we found it. Any kind of property damage, desecration, etc. will be reported the proper authorities, and you will be liable for any and all charges, detainment, incarceration, etc. You hold Furgather harmless for any result of you disrespecting the venue if you decide to break this or any of these rules.

17. Furgather is registered with cyber tip lines and is contractually obligated to report any and all suspicious or blatent behavior, crimes, illicet or illegal behavior or acts.

18. You agree and understand that any and all TOS, TAC, and rules set forth by any and all platforms in which Furgather uses, is associated with, etc.

19. Any acts of hacking, or causing any kind of security issue will be reported to the proper authorities.

20. Furgather is a Non Profit Team. Any and all currency provided to Furgather will be considered a non­refundable donation (Some refunds may be issued).

21. These donations may or may not be tax deductible. Any and all tax liabilities fall upon the user. You hold Furgather harmless for any consequence or conclusion of preparing or not preparing taxes.

22. Any partners, associates, staff, etc. of Furgather must conduct themselves in a professional and reasonable manner.

23. Any and all content associated with Furgather’s Website, Social Media Pages, Events, etc. Belong to their rightful owners. Some content may or may not be fully credited. If it does not belong to us, we do not claim any ownership of said content.

24. Terms and conditions, Terms of service, and rules may change or be altered with out prior notice. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain a functional understanding of these contractually binding terms at all times.