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Terms of service

Reserves the right to make any changes/updates to any legal documents under its discretion. Administration strives to maintain transparency with our user base including: community discussions and forum updates.

Required by Law: is a non-profit organization ran and operated by SpiritServices. We are a social networking website that tailors to the furry fandom. Accessing our website and services is a direct confirmation by the user that they are of legal age or have parent/guardians’ permission to use our website/services.

The data/images of Furgather's website and related services are under copyright and for exclusive use by SpiritServices.

Users Rights/Info:
1) Users’ content/data belongs to them, as long as they are the original owner of the IP accessing the services.

2) All content created by the user are protected under a base copyright. Please see copyright laws for your area. For matters outside of our control, user should seek legal counsel.

3) You have a right to request account deletion, upon termination SpiritServices will not have access to the data collected as stated in our data processing policy.

4) The copyright holder for the intellectual property in question, reserves the right to file a DMCA request to administration. DMCA requests will be handled in a timely manner.

Side Info:
SpiritServices will work with the appropriate authorities in accordance to federal laws, including the reporting of any activity that contains the following material:

Enticement of minors
Illegal conduct with minors
Sending lewd/obscene material to minors
Death threats
Threats of school shootings
And any other illegal topics that warrant report.

What does this Mean?
User Content:
Furgather does not claim ownership over lawfully owned material, you have a right to request a DMCA (takedown request) as long as you can prove the data/content belongs to you.
A legal protection administered by a relevant governing body/organization that grants protections under the law. SpiritServices recognizes base copyright laws and respects original content creators. When making a claim without copyright protection, the user is advised to submit whatever proof they can to prove base ownership.
Base Copyright/Base Ownership:
We define base ownership as the ownership that someone receives for creating a work of art regardless of copyright protection status. Therefore we will work with content creators who can substantiate original ownership claims.  
You have a right to have your account/content removed from our services. SpiritServices will no longer process that users data. Excluding the submission of relevant information to authorities to comply with an investigation.
DMCA: (takedown requests)
If someone uploads a piece of content (i.e art, craft etc) and they do not have permission/consent, the original IP/owner (with verifiable proof) may request it to be removed from any/all of our services. SpiritServices cannot be held liable for damages/costs resulting from a legal dispute over copyright disputes.

Privacy Policy:
Except where required by law, SpiritServices DOES NOT and WILL NOT Sell or share any user data stored on our servers with any third party.


Our gameservers/website log the following:
Users IPs - This recorded for blah purposes
Chat logs
Referring URLs
Email address

What Does this Mean?:

User IP is used for logging purposes as well as cross referencing in case of rule breaking/illegal activity.


We log what browser you use for logging purposes, this also assists us figure out bugs

To be written
Chats that take place on our Instant messaging, private messaging are logged for investigation purposes only, we only review private conversations under suspicion of rule breaking or illegal activity
When you upload images or content, our server holds onto a copy so it can display it to our website etc.
We keep a list of people’s username, this helps us know which user we’re talking to if they report something, or users we need to look into
Referring URL:
If you come to furgather from a third party website, our system tracks the referring url click, this is for statistical data purposes
Email Addresses:
This is used to tie into your account, or a way for staff to reach you, or find you on our members list, it’s general logging purposes or used in investigated purposely (rule breakers etc)

We are happy to inform you that we are registered with Cyber Tipline, For info on what cybertipline is please see:

General Liability:
SpiritServices enlists help of its community in order to maintain a safe environment.


For legal disputes with SpiritServices, if matters cannot be settled through direct communication an arbiter will be involved.

We waive liability for damages/harm incurred from the misuse of our services, including illegal activities committed by users, SpiritServices can only mediate these matters to the limit of its administration.

SpiritServices can only mediate copyright disputes for commissions/transactions that take place directly on

SpiritServices does not take responsibility, for the administration of third party sites. Exceptions include the chatrooms, game servers, services hosted by SpiritServices on those sites/programs.  

Please note:
We do not make the rules for these services (i.e telegram, skype, discord, steam etc). We can only provide rules for the hosted in accordance to their terms. SpiritServices terms still apply in every relevant instance on these third party platforms.