This document outlines the data collection practices of Furgather, and it’s related services. What we collect, and what we do with it. By continuing to use our services, you agree to the collection, and use of the data as outlined below. If you have any questions, or concerns you may contact us via email at at any time.

Who we share data with

The most important thing for you to know is that we DO NOT and WILL NOT sell, trade, share, or otherwise knowingly grant access to any private data we collect about you to any third party.

There are two exceptions to this;

  1. When required to do so by court order (subpoena)
  2. If we find the need to report illegal, or abusive actions taken on our services.

In any case, this data will only be released to the appropriate authorities in charge of dealing with such matters.


Third party services

Whiles Furgather operates and maintains its own web and game servers, we also make use of third party sites and services. This may include services such as our FaceBook group, Telegram group, Discord server, Twitter, and others. It is important to know that we have no control over what data these services collect, or how they use it. Please see the respective policies as outlined on their sites.


Public data vs Private data

As furgather is a “Social Networking” site, you have the ability/option to provide a vast amount of publicly visible information.  This may include textual information, pictures, audio, video, or anything else you choose to share with the community.


For most of these, you may select who has access to see the content. However, please understand that we have no control over what others do with this information. As such, you should not share anything you do not want the general public to know.


Additionally, for security and legal reasons, admins have access to all information, regardless of sharing status. Further, they are under strict guidelines not to intrude upon, or share any private information, except when required to do so in the course of their admin duties. For example, when investigating reports of activities which violate our Terms of Service, or Acceptable Usage policies.


What private data we collect

Server logs

Our servers collect visitor information in their logs. This includes such things as the time of the visit, the IP address of the visitor, what pages and data on the site the visitor requests, the web browser and operating system they use, and the website they linked in from (if any). This information is collected, stored, and analyzed for the sole purpose of improving our services.  


The tech admins of our services use these log for the purpose of detecting and tracking of bugs, errors, and other troubleshooting activities as well as security and risk analysis.


Additionally, these logs are fed into visitor analytics software which provide aggregate reports such as; How many visitors the site received in a given period of time. What days of the week, and/or hours of the day our site gets the most/least visitors. How many users use which web browsers and operating systems. Which websites have links to our site, and how many people followed those links to get to our site. And other such tidbits of useful information. These reports do NOT provide data on any particular user, only combined totals.


Data collected by the Site Software

As part of using our site, certain information will be collected  and stored. This information will be kept for the lifetime of your account on our site.


We collect the following private data. This data is only visible to admins of the site:

  • Your IP address - Used for security purposes
  • Your EMail address - Used as your login credential, and as a means to send you requested notifications.



We do NOT use tracking cookies! Nor do we allow the use of third party tracking cookies on our site! .. We do however use cookies to improve session management (keeping you logged in) and improved site performance.


Account deletion

You have the right to request your account and it’s data be deleted at any time. Sadly the built in functionality to do this with our current software seems to be broken. As such, please submit your account deletion request to an admin via the site PM system. The request will then be passed on to an appropriate tech, and the data will have to be removed manually. This may take some time to accomplish, and cannot be undone.

Changes to this document

We reserve the right to change this document when deemed necessary.

The most recent version of this document has been aimed at bringing it to GDPR compliance.